Ever since I was a child I have been creating something, whether it was building tree forts or drawings of my favorite cartoon characters. The desire for creativity continued for me, so taking many art classes throughout my life has allowed me to experience all forms of art. I have taken everything from metal sculpture to pottery to painting and drawing. Painting really was where I felt most comfortable allowing me to really be the most expressive.

My paint of choice is Acrylic, it allows me to paint quickly and create very bold and vivid images. I paint everyday life images and things I enjoy. I periodically incorporate real elements and mixed media into my art to create an unexpected whimsical twist to the paintings. My biggest influence and one of my favorite Artists is Georgia O’Keefe.

I am currently a member of the Waterville Area Art Society, Kennebec Valley Art Association and Common Street Arts.

I was born in 1977. I lived in Maine until 1989 then moved to Florida with my family. I came back to my home state in 1996 and still live there today.



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