~Can you ship a painting?

Yes, right now I am only shipping to US locations.

~Do you offer local delivery or pick options for your products?

 Please contact me directly for help with this.

~Do you ship prints and print products?

Prints and print products ship to you from a drop ship location.

 ~Can I commission a custom piece?

Yes, I love doing custom work!

Please contact me to best help me give you pricing for your request.

 ~Can you paint all subjects?

Other subject matter can be done upon request within my skill set and preference.

 ~ How long does it take to complete a painting?

It varies depending on the size and other current in progress works.

I would highly suggest at least a 4 to 6 week window of time before you need your painting if it is a commission or gift.

  ~Where did the painting/print of ____ go?

I have decided to take down some paintings/prints to have a new more cohesive selection of work. You’re welcome to reach out and see if it is still available!

 ~Do you offer painting workshops?

Yes, please keep an eye out for upcoming workshops.

 ~Do you paint murals?

Yes, I have done some mural work.

Please contact me directly to discuss your project.

 ~Do you accept returns on print product items?

Please contact me directly for help with this.

 ~Can you reproduce my image on an item?

I am only using my own artwork for items I am creating and selling.


Have another question not answered here?

Please send me an email!