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Marie Spaulding Art

Look Within- Red Fox Portrait

Look Within- Red Fox Portrait

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Dive into the captivating gaze of the red fox with "Look Within," a stunning original oil mixed media painting that brings the allure of the wild into your home. Painted by hand in Maine, this 24" by 30" artwork showcases a red fox in exquisite detail, set against a softly blurred natural backdrop that accentuates its fiery coat and piercing eyes. The artwork is mounted on a gallery wrap canvas with a substantial 1 1/2” thickness, giving it a modern edge that's ready to display.

  • Visual Impact: The mixed media layers provide remarkable texture and depth, making the fox seem alive and almost touchable.
  • Ready to Adorn Your Walls: Comes on a thick, gallery-wrapped canvas, which means no need for framing – it’s ready to make a statement in your space right out of the box.
  • Maine-Made Original: Each stroke represents a piece of Maine, crafted with passion and an eye for the details of wild nature.

"Look Within" is perfect for those who appreciate fine art, wildlife, and the unique presence of animal portraits in their living environment. Whether you are an established collector or a newcomer to the world of art, this painting appeals to anyone who loves the beauty of wildlife and the craftsmanship of hand-painted, original art.

Ideal for hanging in any room, from the living room to the study, this piece not only decorates but also inspires a deeper appreciation for nature and abstract realism art. Let this striking red fox bring a touch of Maine's wilderness and artistic flair into your home, enriching your daily living space with a masterpiece that invites you to look closer and admire the beauty of wildlife.

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