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Marie Spaulding Art

Speak From Your Heart- Black Bear Original

Speak From Your Heart- Black Bear Original

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Capture the essence of the wilderness with "Speak From Your Heart," a powerful depiction of a black bear, meticulously hand-painted in Maine. This 24" by 30" original painting utilizes mixed media layers to create an extraordinary visual texture and depth, presenting the bear in a strikingly lifelike manner. Set on a gallery wrap canvas with a 1 1/2” thickness, this piece makes a bold statement in any setting.

  • Dynamic Texture: The mixed media technique adds a tactile dimension that enhances the realism and presence of the bear.
  • Ready to Hang: The thick, gallery-wrapped canvas means no frame is needed; it’s prepared to grace your walls immediately.
  • Authentically Maine: Crafted by skilled artists in Maine, each painting connects you to the rugged charm and spirit of New England's wildlife.

"Speak From Your Heart" is designed for original fine art collectors, art enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about wildlife and nature. This painting is more than just wall art; it's a piece of the wild, ready to transform any room into a reflection of the great outdoors.

Whether it’s the focal point in your living room, adding character to your office, or bringing a touch of nature to your bedroom, this black bear portrait invites viewers to connect with wildlife through the lens of fine art. Embrace this unique opportunity to own a hand-painted, original artwork that embodies the spirit of Maine and the beauty of abstract realism art. Perfect for anyone looking to enrich their space with meaningful and inspiring art.


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