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Marie Spaulding Art

The Searcher- Vizsla Dog painting

The Searcher- Vizsla Dog painting

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Bring the spirit of the great outdoors inside with "The Searcher," a captivating original mixed media painting of a Vizsla dog, meticulously hand-painted in Maine. This 18" by 18" artwork captures the essence of this noble breed in stunning detail, using multiple media layers on a robust gallery wrap canvas to create a lifelike portrait that speaks to the soul of animal lovers.

  • Rich Texture: Delve into the deep, intricate textures that give life and motion to the portrait, inviting you to reach out and touch.
  • Ready to Display: No need for additional framing, as this thick 1 1/2” gallery-wrapped canvas makes it ready to hang and perfect for any modern or traditional space.
  • Authentic and Local: Each stroke reflects the personal touch of a Maine artist, celebrating the authenticity of hand-painted, original art that supports local talent.

"The Searcher" is ideal for anyone who appreciates fine art, original art, and the beauty of animal portraits. Whether you're a dedicated art collector, a wildlife enthusiast, or someone who enjoys the elegance of well-crafted canvas art, this painting will enhance any room. It's not just a decoration; it's a statement piece that brings a piece of nature and abstract realism art into your home.

Add this exquisite piece to your collection to transform your space with a touch of wilderness and the gentle companionship of a Vizsla, all captured in beautiful oil mixed media. Perfect for hanging in your living room, study, or any place where art is cherished.

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